What You Should Know Before You Sell Your House to A Cash House Buyer

Many homeowners have started to embrace this convenient way of selling a house fast without the need for a real estate agent. Cash house buyers like Bigger Equity provide an excellent opportunity for homeowners looking to sell their homes fast and in confidentiality. As much as the process is convenient and a win-win for both the seller and the buyer, there are essential things you need to keep in mind before you transfer ownership to a cash house buyer.

First and foremost, no genuine cash house buyer will tell you to make repairs, no matter how ugly or damaged your house is. Most of the cash buyers understand all too well that most home sellers are in dire need of cash. As such, they will rarely expect you to pay for repairs or fix any damages before they can pay for the house. What they do is assess the level of damage in the property and then quote a price less the amount of money that will be needed to make repairs.

The second thing you should know when dealing with cash house buyers is not to pay any facilitation fees. Genuine cash house buyers are not brokers; they are the actual buyers making an investment into your property in the hope of renovating and selling at a later date. While a real estate broker expects you to part with a certain percentage of the total asking price of the property. A cash house buyer deals with you directly hence will pay the exact amount agreed. Avoid anyone that expects you to pay any facilitation fee. Click for more details!

By the same token, be wary of real estate investors that will take you through a protracted process of buying with lots of paperwork to be filled. As a matter of fact, most sellers are attracted to this option before of the less amount of paperwork involved. This explains the reason why a transaction can even be completed in under a week. The reason for this is because the real estate investors prefer dealing with cash and not mortgage processes with lending institutions. As such, should you find an investor who seems to protract the process with lots of paperwork, chances are high they are acting as a middleman to the actual investor.

Rest assured there is a genuine real estate investor out there, especially when you take the time to search online.

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